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TM76 – Mini Bilux Lamp

A portable LED lamp supplied to personnel traveling on Italian railroads.

TM76 – Mini Bilux Lamp

The TM76 Mini Bilux Lamp is a portable LED lamp supplied to traveling personnel on Italian railroads.

The Mini Bilux lamp is a portable signaling instrument supplied to train crews. It uses LED technology to condense the light output of a high-power signal into a lightweight, compact device.

The lamp can be programmed in two modes (Driver and Trainmaster) to generate red and green (mode C) or red only (mode M). In both modes, the lamp has a flashlight function, which through a white LED provides an inspection and illumination tool for the train crew.

The lamp is equipped with a rechargeable (via a supplied USB charger) and replaceable battery that provides more than 6 hours of continuous operation.

The green and red aspects meet precise requirements for color coordinates, light intensities and beam angles.

The Mini Bilux TM76 conforms to Trenitalia Technical Specification n.385102.

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