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About Us

About Us
Tinti - Tecnologie Meccaniche

Forty years of experience make Tecnologie Meccaniche a leading company in the engineering sector.
Founded in 1972, Tecnologie Meccaniche quickly became part of the national market by supplying FS-designed equipment to the whole Italian Railways Group (Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato).
The constant evolution on which the spirit of the company is based, led Tecnologie Meccaniche to start in the ’90s a path focused on the study, design and manufacture of equipment for the safety systems of the Italian Railway Network (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana).

Tecnologie Meccaniche has been expanding from precision mechanics to mechatronics, exponentially enhancing its production sectors. In fact, nowadays, thanks to the acknowledged experience of our professionals, Tecnologie Meccaniche operates in the telecommunications, information technology, food and electro-medical sectors, robotics, petrochemical, automotive, aeronautical, railway and military sectors.

The company, certified ISO 9001-2008, is currently structured and divided into three main areas: ‘Production’, ‘Technical Office’ and ‘Research and Development’. All Tecnologie Meccaniche products are patented and homologated for RFI and other national and international railway companies.