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TM55 – Tunnel lamp

It uses LED technology to illuminate escape routes and paths inside railway tunnels.

TM55 – Tunnel lamp

The TM55 Tunnel Lamp uses LED technology to illuminate escape routes and walkways in railway tunnels.

The TM55 Tunnel Lamp, designed and manufactured by Tecnologie Meccaniche, replaces the different models of lamps currently installed with a single product.

The TM55 lamps are designed, in particular, to homogeneously illuminate the walkway and effectively indicate the escape route in case of emergency or maintenance inside railway tunnels with low energy consumption.

The lamp is also produced in a variant equipped with power line communication, i.e. it uses the same cables from which it is powered to transmit and receive diagnostic information or to be remotely managed. This version also simplifies the power network architecture, as each element acts as a power tap for the adjacent element.

The TM55 tunnel lamp complies with the RFI DTC STS ENE SP IFS LF 162 A specification.

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