Signaling and Safety

PL-TM2000 – TM36 – Level crossing control box

A new equipment concept for use in railway signal protected level crossing installations.

PL-TM2000 – TM36 – Level crossing control box

The TM2000 barrier is a new type of equipment that can be used in railway signaling protected level crossing systems. The movement of the TM2000 barrier is carried out by a hydraulic control unit that controls an actuator connected to a lever mechanism suitably designed to lock the movement at the two end points (horizontal rod and vertical rod). The logical management of the barrier is carried out by an electrical control unit that supervises the phases of warning (optical and audible), control (opening or closing) and maneuvering of the level crossing rod.

The electrical controls of the rod position (open or closed) are delegated to safety microswitches.

The simplicity of construction, the quality of the design and the materials used make the TM2000 barrier extremely reliable and almost completely eliminate the need for routine maintenance.

The TM2000 level crossing barrier can be equipped with a diagnostic system that makes it possible to acquire and analyze the electrical and hydraulic quantities that characterize the operations (voltage at the motor ends, motor absorption, operating times, operating hydraulic pressures, etc.).

An accompanying software allows the visualization of the characteristic values in graphs and their comparison with reference trends to immediately highlight any anomalies.

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